Tag: New Short Story

Whittman’s Cabin

January 21, 2021 ·

Tyler Perkins was tired and so very, very cold. The snow fell in huge heavy flakes and that on the ground was deep and getting deeper. He pulled his coat tighter and tucked his chin into it in a vain attempt at finding some kind of warmth.  On he trudged, doggedly dragging first one foot then the other out of the snow then plunging it back in. He lifted his head and took in his surroundings. Had he not been… Read more.

Home Again

January 27, 2020 ·

I took the turn off the main road through the barely visible opening in the dense trees like it hadn’t been fifteen years since I’d last done it. As I bumped and jolted along, memories of a time when this uneven and rutted path had once been a smooth and meticulously cared for road tugged at my heart.  About a mile up, the trees thinned as I neared the clearing. Butterflies danced in my stomach and my chest tightened in… Read more.