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Bouquet of Souls

Writing prompt – 300 word limit “This is insane. It’s freezing out here.” Frankie Carothers shoved his hands into his coat pockets and hunched his shoulders. He turned to the group of friends who were gathered with him in Fetchers Hollow. “Do you guys honestly believe that story? I mean come on, a witch who magically appears on Halloween to steal souls? And then carries them around in balloons? Balloons? How lame is that? And we’re in the middle of the freakin’ forest. If we weren’t here, there wouldn’t even be souls to steal.” Starla poked a finger into his


Short story prompt with a 300 word limit. I caught sight of Granddaddy sitting his horse at the top of the hill and pulled my horse to a stop just to look. Joseph Waterhouse was a cowboy. A true cowboy. One of the last of a dying breed of men who’d lived their lives on the back of a horse facing everything from a raging blizzard to an angry bear hell bent on a beef dinner with an ease that was nothing short of amazing. He seen the cattle industry change from wide open spaces and months-long cattle drives to

Let’s Talk Dialogue (Part 1)

***I’ll begin with a disclaimer. I know this will shock you (NOT LOL). I am not a professionally trained writer. I don’t have a degree of any sort. And I don’t have any books on any ‘Best Seller’ lists. But I have read about a million books (only a slight exaggeration) and I’ve been writing and learning the craft for many, many years.*** Conversations. We have them every day (unless you’re an introvert, then you might strive to go as long as possible without having any at all lol). And, though some conversations may be strained and awkward, most flow

Angelique’s Amore

I made my way down the overcrowded sidewalk stewing that so few moved out of my path. Could they not see that I was in a hurry? Winter was in the air and I’d forgotten my coat when I’d rushed out my door that morning late for a job I despised. On top of that, my day had been arduous, my boss especially hard to get along with, and I’d left work five minutes too late to make the train and was now faced with a long walk home. I wanted nothing more than to get to my apartment, pour

Blue Moon Bay

By Rylee Black (This story is based on a photo prompt from the writers group Writers Unite! and has a 3000 word limit. You can find more great stories based on this photo on their website by clicking – HERE) June 24 – Present day – Blue Moon Bay, CA Carlie Schafer’s shoulders were hunched up around her ears, and her grip on the steering wheel was white-knuckled. The road to the family’s cabin on the beach was no longer the well-maintained passage from highway to shore she remembered from her childhood. Sometime in the last ten years it had

Castle O’Dell

A short story based on a picture prompt from Writers Unite! (There is a 3K word limit for these prompts) Tommy O’Dell settled himself into the seat of the airplane with a relieved sigh. A small groan slipped out as he shifted to tuck his tattered backpack under the seat in front of him and then another as he lifted arthritic shoulders to wrangle in the seatbelt then snap it shut. He turned eyes, once bright blue but now rheumy and red-rimmed with age, to the young woman next to him. The smile he gave her was sad and his

Maggie – A Lindsey Sayers Cold Case #2

A Writer’s Unite! Write The Story Prompt – short story. Police Captain Lindsey Sayers drank in the view. Sunlight filtering through towering pines turned floating particles of dust and dirt into dancing points of light and created bright pockets in the gloom of the forest. A well-maintained path cut through the dense undergrowth and disappeared into the trees, thick shrubs, and clumps of forest grasses ahead. It was a portrait of serenity. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and drew in a breath so deep she felt it all the way to her toes. The air here was

Macy – A Lindsey Sayers Cold Case #1

Detective Lindsey Sayers contemplated the idea that her new boss hadn’t been totally forth coming about the remoteness of the address she needed to visit as she eased her old sedan up the narrow dirt drive at a snail’s pace. She winced each time a branch scraped against the faded paint or the car bottomed out in one of the deeper ruts. The aging vehicle had served her well for almost ten years and had been up and down almost every street and alleyway in the city, but this was the first time she’d taken it on an unpaved road.

Should Writers Break the Rules?

The rules of writing, and do we need to follow them. Wow, I know this can be a volatile topic. I’ve been witness to quite a few debates on this subject, and I can bear witness that some of them became rather heated. It would seem there are three camps when it comes to the rules: those who follow them to the letter, those who say throw them all out the window, and those who fall somewhere in the middle.  I am one of those who falls in the middle. Do I think you should follow the rules? Yes. Do I believe they should be

What is a Writer?

Greetings! Salutations! Oh, who am I kidding – Hi there! I’m Rylee Black . . . well, my pen name is Rylee Black. My real name isn’t important right now. I’m a mystery writer and more who is currently working on two series with five complete books in the first, and two more nearing completion (first book available HERE). I came up with this ramble (with some unsolicited assistance from a couple characters) after skulking in the shadows of a Facebook writers group and eavesdropping on a discussion about what it means to be a writer. I hope you enjoy