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Let’s Talk Dialogue (Part 1)

***I’ll begin with a disclaimer. I know this will shock you (NOT LOL). I am not a professionally trained writer. I don’t have a degree of any sort. And I don’t have any books on any ‘Best Seller’ lists. But I have read about a million books (only a slight exaggeration) and I’ve been writing and learning the craft for many, many years.*** Conversations. We have them every day (unless you’re an introvert, then you might strive to go as long as possible without having any at all lol). And, though some conversations may be strained and awkward, most flow

Should Writers Break the Rules?

The rules of writing, and do we need to follow them. Wow, I know this can be a volatile topic. I’ve been witness to quite a few debates on this subject, and I can bear witness that some of them became rather heated. It would seem there are three camps when it comes to the rules: those who follow them to the letter, those who say throw them all out the window, and those who fall somewhere in the middle.  I am one of those who falls in the middle. Do I think you should follow the rules? Yes. Do I believe they should be

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