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Update: August 7, 2019:

Connections is LIVE on Amazon!!!!

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I have a short story in Writers Unite!’s Mystery anthology. Dimensions of Mystery is now available for pre-order on Amazon!!! This book is full of great stories by talented Writers Unite! authors.

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Here’s the Blurb for Connections – The Candice McGregor Mysteries Book 2

When Candice McGregor drops an antique figurine, a hundred-fifty-year-old secret is revealed. The secret sets off a chain of events that involves everyone from her mother to the slimy land developer who showed up in Stillwell with plans to build a huge resort. When everything lands at Candice’s door, it looks like it may be the end for her, and only the quick action of the two men in her life saves her from an untimely demise.

In the end, the secret takes the life of someone Candice loves, leaves her mother with a broken heart, and lands Candice in hot water once again with her brother-in-law the sheriff. And in an amazing twist of fate, it may also be the clue she and Max have been looking for to unlock the past he can’t remember.

Determined to find answers, Candice, Max, and Greg follow the trail to the tiny hamlet of Camdell, England, where they’re faced with unexpected danger. They uncover even more secrets that have Max wondering if he can’t remember his past because it’s too horrible to remember, Candice wondering just who she really is, and Greg wondering where he fits into the whole picture.

Will the connections they discover give Max the answers to his past he needs and bring them all closer together, or will they all be torn apart forever?

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