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Word of the Week:


Google Definitions gives us this:

grat·i·tude/ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

What are you grateful for today?
Make it your goal to find at least one thing a day to be grateful for.

An Attitude of Gratitude can change your life in profound ways!

Hitting Short Story Word Counts

When you write a short story, don’t stress about the word count at first. Write until the story is done, then go back and delete words or re-write sections to bring your story into line with the specified word count you’ve chosen


Authors Love Readers!

Readers who Love Authors:
If you read a book you love, don’t forget to leave the author a review! Reviews help authors sell books!!!

A new short story based on a prompt from Writers Unite!’s ‘Write the Story’ Challenge is POSTED – CHECK OUT THE SHORT STORY SECTION OF RYLEE’S BLOG FOR:

Whittman’s Cabin

(Warning: You might want to grab a tissue… )

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The Candice Chronicles – Coming February, 2021

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Tales of Candice McGregor’s escapades in Ghost (Spirit) hunting as told by her BFF and Ex-husband Greg Staley

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Coming Summer 2021

Finding The Truth – Book 3 of the Candice McGregor Mysteries

Progress report: 2021

The success in meeting my goals for the first half of 2021 has been kind of hit and miss, but given the fact that the craziness of 2020 has seeped into this new year, I’m not too disappointed.

I’ve written two stories for my Short Short Story block and I’m just about done with my 3,000 word story for Writers Unite!. I really like it and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well! (Fingers crossed :D)

I didn’t get any writing done on any of my novels – so as you can see I moved the publication date of book 3 out by several months. I haven’t yet written my first installment for The Candice Chronicles either – but there’s still time for that! I have faith in me!!!

Monthly I will:
📇Write a 3k word short story for Writers Unite! monthly Picture prompt
📇Write and installment of the Candice Chronicles
📇Work at least five days a week toward completing one of the three novels I’ve vowed to complete in 2021
Weekly I will:
Saturday: Post a 300 word short story
Sunday: Creativity day – painting or crafting
Monday – Wednesday: Work on my novel
Thursday: Work on 3k word short story
Friday: Free day – be as creative or as lazy as I want to 🤪
(Any day is open to sketching or writing a quick short story as the mood strikes.)

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Short Short Story of the Week

A short story a week of 300 -500 words based on a random prompt from the internet.

PROMPT: You were reading a book quietly at a café when someone passed you a note

Since January, when all this began, Sunshine Café had become my safe haven. It was my place to get a cup of my favorite coffee made exactly right by Wesley the kindest most thoughtful barista in all of Colorado. It was here at the Sunshine I could put all the worry and stress aside and lose myself in my favorite books. Take journeys away from my world to far off places through their pages.

The café was a little more crowded than usual, so I was pleased to see that my favorite chair nestled close to the fireplace was free. A glance at Wesley, who gave me a conspiratorial wink, confirmed my suspicions that my chair was not free by chance. 

I sank down into the deep cushions, set my coffee on the little side table and pulled my book to my chest as my eyes drifted closed. It was something I did every time. A way of letting go of it all and releasing myself of the obligations of life. Granting myself the freedom to just be.

“Excuse me. Um . . . I’m sorry to interrupt.”

I opened my eyes to find myself facing a young boy of perhaps ten. As soon as his eyes met mine, he thrust his hand toward me causing me to draw back in surprise.

“I’m supposed to give you this.” He opened his hand to reveal a folded bit of paper.

I looked at the paper then at the boy. “What’s this?”

He tossed the paper onto my lap. “It’s a note. I’m not allowed to tell you who it’s from.”

Apprehension and curiosity warred inside me. This was so strange. “Oh, well, okay. Thank you for delivering it.”

The boy scampered away and out the door. How odd. I looked around as I unfolded the paper hoping to see someone paying particular attention to what I was doing thinking they might give themselves away as the sender of this mysterious missive. No one was watching me, so I turned my attention to the note. Tears filled my eyes and slipped down my cheeks not just because of the words but because of the handwriting. It was my mother’s. I was sure of it. Only thing was, she’d passed a long time ago. I blinked away the tears and read this message from Heaven and briefly wondered if I’d been visited by a tiny angel in the form of a tow-headed little boy. These words were the words she’d said to me often during the hard days before she left. There is always hope my dear. Always. The dark days will end. A new day will dawn and with it will come glorious sunshine and wonderous peace.

The inspiration for this story came from my word of the day for 1/24/21 – the word is GRATITUDE and what I’m most grateful for today is HOPE.
Blessings to you all with Love and Light.

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The Country Store

Another shot at colored pencils – Practice, practice, practice LOL


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